Think automation (fire don’t hire)

    I am writing this article hoping that businessmen and women who read it will start to fire people more often and hire less of them, and no, I am not crazy neither am I evil!!!
    Hiring people sounds like a good idea because we think that we are helping people, and it’s normal to like having more people around who believe in your business and your vision. Also because we like to brag to our network about our company that has 100 employees on the payroll. But sadly none of these are helpful on the long run.
    Let me explain……………..

    Why you are not really helping people by offering them jobs!!!
    People in the developed countries rarely die out of hunger, but they often die out of depression –die emotionally not physically, which is actually worst. You may disagree with me on this especially if you currently live in the US or EU, you might not have seen firsthand how bad things can get. In a country like the Denmark where people will get unemployment payments if they were fired or if things got too bad…..

    Why you should have a FIREing mindset


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