AI is not the smartest thing we can invent

    When we think of smart technology, one thing comes to mind……Artificial Intelligence….but is it really the smartest thing we can invent?
    Mostly YES!!! It is, AI is different than any other invention we thought of, it’s the invention that can invent inventions Haha. But yes that is true, even someone like me who thinks that we can do better know that to be true.

    But if Ai is that smart, and by natural is able to get much much smarter with time, how can anyone or anything hope to ever match it???
    To explain why, let’s get back to the origins of AI, computers & language itself. But before we do I must disclaim that this is merely my opinion no more nor less, but still I am certain that there is something here, something we all missed as our tunnel vision got narrower and narrower……It’s all just in English, a language our ancestors invested because their months could make 26 different sounds (AtoZ). Programming is just letters and numbers, if the English language had 100 letters we would be able to make much more sophisticated software. Hence better hardware, and better AI.

    But how can we dream of such thing, our language is what it is, what good it can do us to dream of what could have been???!!!!
    First of all; language is not the best way we can communicate with each other. Haven’t you ever felt like words cant describe how you feel? Did you hear of the fact that words counts for 30% of what we want to say while the body language counts for 70%?!!!! Or if you speak a second language, did you try to translate a word from one language to another and didn’t find anything that remotely similar to it?

    Let’s let our imagination go wild for a minute, we will go back to the ground afterward I promise. 
    Imagine yourself going to heaven (although I doubt such thing exist), what will the language in heaven be? English, maybe Latin? Or Hebrew cause jesus was Jewish ?! of course none of those. The language of heaven will most likely be something close to you feeling exactly what the person trying to communicate with you is feeling, right? Or at least we will be able to talk in video format as opposite to audio only, like you would be able to share your memories with other people –minus the emotions associated with them.
    Didn’t get that, who does, after all heaven is a very contradicting idea, here’s another scenario…
    Imagine an alien race far far away. It evolved in a very harsh environment that it ended up multiplying not by giving birth outside in the monstrous toxic environment, but inside itself. Growing in size as it’s numbers grow!!! Will those individual aliens inside that huge organic civilization communicate with each other using words? Of course not. They will most likely communicate using chemicals just like ants do, but much more effectively….do you think that language is the same as our sound based 26 sounds limited language? I think no….comparing it to  earth languages will be like comparing a hand written letter to email, or like comparing smoke signals to the telephone. 







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